Is Rapid City Changing From All The New People

Let's talk about how the people moving to Rapid City, South Dakota have changed the area. 

Hey guys, what's going on? My name is Christian Morrison, I am a local real estate agent here in the Rapid City/ Black Hills area. I created this youtube channel just to help people who are looking at moving here, help them decide if it is the right spot for them, answer hopefully most of the questions they have about the area, and give them a little insight into it. So, if you are looking at moving here, and you have any questions or concerns, thinking about buying a piece of property here, investing here, moving your business here, whatever it is, feel free to give me a call, text, or email and I will be happy to help in any way that I can. So now that that is out of the way, now let's get into today's topic. I get asked this question by every single person that I meet with here locally, meaning in person, anytime someone comes here from out of state, they always ask me this question. I don't get it so much in things like calls, texts, and emails, but I always get it in person. The question is this: How are people moving there, changing the area? My thought on this is that they are usually meaning this in a political way. So to answer the question, yes and no to are they changing the area. They are changing the area and they aren't changing the area, and I will explain what I mean by that. They are not changing the area in a political sense from what I have seen at all, in fact it is quite the opposite. From what I have seen and witnessed, they are actually really advocates for the way things are here politically, keeping things the same, fighting for people’s rights, freedoms, whatever that is, so really i have just seen them as a good addition to the area, not a hurt or not trying to change anything at all, really quite the opposite. 

Now, there are a couple ways they are changing the area. Not to say on the political side of things, not to say there aren’t people who are trying to come here and change things or want to change things, it definitely could be possible, but from my sample size and people I have worked with, I have not seen any of that. It is definitely possible, I just haven't seen it. 

To get into the things they are changing for sure, one thing that has changed a lot from people moving here, is an obvious one, the housing prices. They have gone up about 25% in the last 12 months. So 25% more from a year ago is a ton of money, especially when you are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s a big increase. So that is one thing that has definitely changed, probably directly correlated to the people moving here from outside of the state, from areas that are more expensive there than it is here, for example California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, all those places that people are moving here from so when they come here prices seemed low and it's created a lot of bidding wars and that type of thing. so that is one way they have changed it. Another thing they changed is the job market a little bit, and it is going to change even more. And what I mean by that is one of the things we lack are higher-paying jobs meaning 50 $60,000 a year and up we lacked a lot of those jobs unless you were an engineer, you were in construction, And a couple other trades then you had a hard time finding those type of jobs, unless you are a go-getter or something obviously you're going to make money no matter where you are, but we lacked a lot of those types of jobs. Now we have a lot of business type people moving here a lot of people moving their businesses here that are creating more of those jobs for us which is an awesome thing that I think we really needed, so I'm really excited for that and I'm helping a lot of people come here what I mean by that is I'm just helping them find their commercial space to bring their company, build it, or whatever that is so if you're looking at doing that, reach out to me, I'm happy to help or send you to someone who can help if I can't. now with that being said another thing that's happening with that, is we're getting more amenities meaning like we're getting some more really good restaurants coming in coming in, some good stores coming in, some cool concepts coming in things like that that I'm really excited about so I think it'll be a really good addition to our area some things we were lacking. We have a lot more coming down the pipe it just hasn't gotten here yet. so that is changing the area in a way, I think most of the things a positive, the only negative would be housing prices unless you already own a house here then it's a positive I guess. But that is kind of the things that are changing, but most people when they ask that question, I know they mean it in a political way, and so the answer is no to that, from what I have seen. It is not changing in a political way, it is getting stronger in my opinion. 

Now to rope into the same video here another question I get all the time is where's everybody moving from “Is everybody coming from California?” or whatever so it's not a central state from what I've seen. I worked with about fifty of you guys that have moved here in the last 18 months, so it's not like a central spot that everybody is coming from, that I have seen. In fact, most of it is kind of a mixture of a lot of places and I'll give you a few of those states: California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Idaho Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona, and even some from Texas. So it's kind of a big variety of different places and all for different reasons, but yeah it's not like one central spot, I don't know the numbers exactly from my clients that I worked with on who's come from where, but if I had to say there was a number one state, I would say Washington, just slightly Washington and Oregon are top two, so that is where I would say majority of where people are coming from is Washington and Oregon. Now guys I hope this video was helpful, if you are looking at moving here, bringing your business here, whatever that might be, feel free to call me, text me, email me, I’m happy to help any way I can. Thanks for watching guys see you on the next one!