What Is The Job Market Like In Rapid City, South Dakota?

Hey guys, what's going on?

Today I am going to answer one of the most common questions I get on my YouTube channel and through emails from you guys and stuff and that is, “What is the job market like in Rapid City?”

All right guys, so, hey my name is Christian Morrison, I am a local real estate agent here in the Rapid City/Black Hills area. And I do my channel mainly around what it's like to live in Rapid City, things that you know, things that you probably don't know if you are looking at moving here, and everything in between. 

Ok, so today, I get this question all the time and that is “what is the job market like in Rapid City?” So I'm just going to go over the basics of it, the knowledge I have in the job market, and from what I know about living in the area. So number one, I get this question all the time, so I just want to preemptively put it out there so you guys will know what it's like and you don't have to wait on my response or anything like that you can just watch this video. 

The job market in Rapid City, entry level jobs, super easy to get here. What I mean by entry level, is things like working at a coffee shop, working at a restaurant, entry level jobs like you know, working in the office, an office job for $12-$15/hr type jobs.  Underemployment overall here guys is lower than the national average by about 1%, so it’s at 3.1%. I think the national average is 4%, if I am not mistaken.  So a little bit lower than average, so that's a good thing for sure if you are looking for jobs. 

Overall there's a couple of top big places that, you know, have a lot of good higher paying jobs and career jobs, things like that. One of those is Monument Health. They are our health care provider here, our hospital, they have bunch of little clinics here and there too, and throughout the Rapid City area and Monument just got a giant expansion onto their hospital, so from what I have seen and heard, they're hiring a ton of people from outside the state to come in and move here so if you're in the medical field whatsoever, any aspect of that, even if you are just answering phones at the hospital, whatever, I think there is a ton of opportunity for you here in that aspect for sure. 

The next thing over that would be, we have a Black Hills energy headquarters here, which Black Hills Energy actually serves I think a 4-5 state area, around here, their headquarters is here. They always have jobs here and depending on what you do and what your specialty is, so Black Hills Energy is another one that is always hiring people and bringing people in from out of state. There are also a lot of engineering jobs. We have some mines in the Hills that are mining stuff, so they need engineers. Another giant need in our area is construction, you know if you know how to do tile or countertops, anything that has to do with construction, plumbing, electrical, roofing. All of that stuff is needed here, maybe not roofing as much, because we have a ton of roofers here, but everything else that has to do with construction, is always in high need. Concrete workers, everything like that is always in giant need here, and we are always looking for more people. Every builder that I know is struggling to find people. So if you are in the construction area, definitely, definitely, a place for you, that you would have a lot of opportunities. 

Overall, if you are looking at moving here and you're looking for a job I think you'll be able to find something pretty easily. If you are looking at moving here and starting a business, or looking at moving your business here, that is what I would almost even more recommend, because we are such a business friendly state. Right now, you can be open here (coronavirus), which is rare compared to other areas from what I have seen. So, super business friendly, taxes are much easier on you, everything like that. So if you are looking at moving a business here or starting a business here, I would highly recommend that as well. 

Alright guys, well I hope this video was helpful for you, if you have any questions, if you want me to expand further. If you are looking at moving here, have any questions about houses, anything like that guys, feel free to call me, text me, email me, all my info is below here. You can even write an old fashioned letter, if you are really feeling up to it, so anyways guys thanks so much for watching, see you in the next one!