6 Things You Must Know When Living In Rapid City, South Dakota

Hey Guys! What’s going on? Welcome to another one of my videos here on what it’s like to live in the Rapid City/Black Hills area. Today I'm going over the top six things you need to know before you move to Rapid City. Here we go!

Alright guys, obviously there are a ton of things you need to know before you move into a new area, and there are a lot of articles and stuff like that but I found that Rapid City and the Black Hills in general has very little info out there on what it's like to actually live here. So I just decided to do some videos and have past videos on the pros and cons of living here, different neighborhoods you can live in, things like that. I'm going to be doing a ton more. So if you are thinking about moving to the area or if you have any questions about the area, anything like that, feel free to reach out! You can shoot me a DM, give me a call, send me a text, send me an email, or if you are feeling old school you can write me an old fashioned letter. I’m happy to help in any way that I can, if you are looking at moving here. 

The first thing you need to know before moving to the Rapid City/Black Hills area is there is so much, a ton of outdoor activities to do here, guys. I mean there is everything you can possibly think of, there is hiking, we have beautiful mountains in the area, there is scenic driving, motorcycle riding is awesome here, we have the Sturgis Rally, if you didn’t know that up in Sturgis. There are so many things to do outdoors. From Rapid City, you got 30 min to Terry Peak, which is a ski area. I personally lived a lot of my life in Colorado, and in comparison to that, and I will tell you honestly, from a guy that skied all the time in Colorado, our hill/mountain here is pretty awesome. Considering the price it costs to go on it, how close it is. It's awesome. I love it. We have Terry Peak for the winter. So many hiking trails, some of the best hiking in America, in the Black Hills area, you got mountain biking, you got kayaking, you got canoeing, you got a bunch of little lakes around here. You have golf, a bunch of good golf courses, tennis you can play, on and on and on. Outdoors, this is your area for sure. 

And what's awesome about it guys, is it's a lot like a mountain town in my opinion, you know, like a really nice mountain town, but you won’t pay the mountain town prices for everything. You got all the local amenities that a regular town has, so it doesn’t feel like a small town, and on and on, so it's an awesome area for that. 

So the second thing I would like to bring up to people before they move here is our airport here. So the Rapid City Regional Airport first off, is an incredibly nice airport, they have updated it a lot over the past couple years and they are still doing some work on it, so it's extremely nice. There is not a ton of flights out of there guys that are very cheap, Meaning like you aren’t going to get flights very often for $70-80, but you can a lot of times get flights anywhere in the US for a couple hundred dollars, so we don't have the best airport in the world, but it's really not bad and it's getting better. There are a couple flights right now like allegiant flies to Las Vegas for like $50-60 in the summer which is awesome, so you could go to Vegas and then connect or whatever, and we also have Denver which is 5 hours away, so you could just drive there and fly from there if you really want to go out of the country or something like that. Our airport is kind of small so it's not the best airport but it's getting better and better. 

Alright, number three before you move into the area that you need to know. Rapid City right now, as a whole, is having so much growth in the market and people moving here and things like that that it is an awesome time to live here, it really is. There is so much opportunity, so many things coming up that are going to be great. Really what’s pushing that growth guys, is that it really has been a hidden gem so to speak in America for a long time, in my opinion anyways, and we also have Ellsworth Air Force Base, which is growing big time, they announced, last year, maybe 2018, they announced new bombers coming to the area, which is growing that area, box elder, it’s growing that area around it a lot, pretty much connecting it to Rapid City, so its bringing a lot of people here, and just how awesome the area is to live in, compared to other areas that would be comparable with outdoors and stuff you love to do here. So we are growing a ton and it's the most we have ever seen. 

Number four if you're interested at all, is an awesome place to have a business, guys, to have a new business or to bring your business here. We have incredible laws and regulations for businesses, that I'm not going to go into because I'm not an expert on them, but I do know that it is a great place to own a business, I personally have my real estate business here and I know a lot of friends that have business here, it's a great area. What goes along with that, and I'm going to call this number five, is that there is no state income tax, so if you're looking at your federal income tax when you are here you're gonna have local tax on food and stuff like that, but we don't have state income tax. I know for me, when I was in Colorado, it was like 4-5% of my income every year which is awesome. So no state income tax is an awesome thing, I've said awesome like 17 times I feel like, but it's a great thing to have in your state as well. 

Now the last thing I'm going to touch on that you really need to know before you move here, especially if you are looking at moving here this year, is the housing market, and housing prices. Most people think, when they are moving here, a lot of people moving here from Nebraska, from rural towns, here and there, and they are thinking, “We are going to South Dakota, houses are going to be super cheap”, they're not necessarily going to be super cheap here guys, the national average for a house is around $260,000 right now, and in Rapid City, we are about $263,000 on average. If you go up in the smaller towns like Spearfish, they are almost $350,000. So the average price point is not extremely cheap here, that's one thing to know. I will tell you though, compared to any other mountain town that I've seen or been to, I mean you're  talking a fraction of the price here and depending on where you are moving from, houses here might be cheap for you, but right now guys our market is increasing extremely fast paced year over year appreciation. From the end of 2018-2019, so that full fiscal year, we were up 9.4% in housing prices. Crazy for us because you know like the last 15 years the average is about 3.5%. So over the last couple of years they have been at 7.4% and 2017-2018 was 9.2% and then 2019 was 9.4% like I said, and this year we are projected to be the same if not more for the next couple of years. So the good part of that is that you may be spending more than in a rural town for a house here, but keep in mind you're gonna get that awesome appreciation that you're definitely not going to get in those rural areas. So that is kind of a thing that people don't know about the area, is that housing prices can be more. What I will say is if you're on the higher end of buyers, $750,000 and up, you're going to get some awesome houses for that price here. For a million dollars in Rapid City, you can get anything you want. It’ll have awesome views surrounded by trees, you can be really close to the mountains, you could be wherever you want, and have an awesome, awesome house. We have a lot of great builders and stuff that can build your house too. 

That is the top six things you need to know before you move to Rapid City guys! If you have any questions whatsoever, thinking about moving to the area, I'd love to help you out, love to work with you. Feel free to give me a call, shoot me a text, drop a comment here, email me, write me an old fashioned letter, DM's, whatever you feel like doing. I'll answer anything. Happy to help in any way I can guys. Thanks so much for watching, we'll see you in the next one!